Served Cafeteria-Style Monday through Friday, 11am – 2pm.

Two Entrees and Two Soups, Creative Pasta Salads, Unique Specialty Salads, a Full Salad Bar, Fresh Rolls, House-Made Desserts, Beverages and Sparkling Ambiance!


  Try One of Our Pickup or Delivery Options:                                                                                      CALL any time to place your order and we will package your lunch for pickup or delivery.

WE BEGIN DELIVERIES @ 11:30am and continue until 2pm Monday through Friday, for just a $1.00 delivery charge!!! Call us @ 406-723-4735 to place your phone order with someone friendly & helpful!

 Upcoming Menus

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Week of March 13th ~ March 17th

  • Monday, March 13th Smoked Turkey Melt, Beef Ravioli Alfredo; Chili with Cornbread, Roasted Red Potato Soup
  • Tuesday, March 14th Chicken and Artichokes, French Market Sandwich; Beef Noodle Soup, Mexican Chicken Soup
  • Wednesday, March 15th Green Curry Chicken, City French Dip; Yugoslavian Chicken Stew, Stracciatella
  • Thursday, March 16th Wiener Schnitzel, Turkey Croissant; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Creamy Turkey Rice Soup
  • Friday, March 17th Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Cod; New England Clam Chowder, Mushroom Barley Soup

Week of March 20th ~ March 24th

  • Monday, March 20th Bratwurst Reuben, Italian Lasagna; Chili with Cornbread, Ham and  Potato Soup
  • Tuesday, March 21st BUTTE Pastie, Cajun Chicken Pasta; Turkey Noodle Soup, Taco Soup
  • Wednesday, March 22nd Chicken Pecan Croissant, Artichoke Quiche; Wisconsin Cheddar Soup, Meatball Soup
  • Thursday, March 23rd Turkey Dinner ($10.50), Beef Stroganoff; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Lemon Chicken Soup
  • Friday, March 24th Baked Clams UPTOWN, Indian Chicken Curry; New England Clam Chowder, Tomato Citrus Soup

Week of March 27th ~ March 31st

  • Monday, March 27th Beef Eater Sandwich, Quiche Lorraine; Chili with Cornbread, Cream of Zucchini Soup
  • Tuesday, March 28th Chicken Parmesan, Pulled Pork Sandwich; Turkey Orzo Soup, Bavarian Sour Cream Soup
  • Wednesday, March 29th Pork Sesame Stir Fry, Italian Chicken Sandwich; All American Beef Stew, Chicken Sausage Gumbo
  • Thursday, March 30th Cajun Sirloin ($10.50), Pasta Carbonara; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Chicken Chili
  • Friday, March 31st Mexican Halibut, Harvest Turkey Croissant; New England Clam Chowder, Tuscan White Bean Soup

Week of April 3rd ~ April 7th

  • Monday, April 3rd City French Dip, Chicken Ravioli Alfredo; Chili with Cornbread, Yugoslavian Chicken Stew
  • Tuesday, April 4th Meatloaf, Thai Chicken Pizza; Oriental Steak Noodle Soup, Cream of Potato Soup
  • Wednesday, April 5th Beef Noodle Bowl, Big M Sandwich; Mexican Meatball Soup, Turkey Vegetable Soup
  • Thursday, April 6th Chicken and Artichokes, Beef Trail Sandwich; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Ski Soup
  • Friday, April 7th Fish and Chips, Veggie Lasagna; New England Clam Chowder, Minestrone

Week of April 10th ~ April 14th

  • Monday, April 10th City Club Sandwich, Pork Enchilada; Chili with Cornbread, Roasted Red Potato Soup
  • Tuesday, April 11th Wiener Schnitzel, Turkey Croissant; Chicken Noodle Soup, Stracciatella
  • Wednesday, April 12th Beef Pot Pie, Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry; Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, Corn Chowder with Bacon
  • Thursday, April 13th Mustard Chicken, Hot Pastrami Sandwich; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Beef Vegetable Soup
  • Friday, April 14th Mexican Halibut, Mac and Cheese; New England Clam Chowder, Herbed Tortellini Soup

Week of April 17th ~ April 21st

  • Monday, April 17th Tomato Basil Ravioli, Sausage Mushroom Quiche; Chili with Cornbread, Lemon Chicken Soup
  • Tuesday, April 18th Cajun Sirloin ($10.50), Pasta Carbonara; Oriental Noodle Soup, Wisconsin Cheddar Soup
  • Wednesday, April 19th Muffuletta Sandwich, Bananarama Chicken; Steak and Potato Soup, Creamy Turkey Rice Soup
  • Thursday, April 20th BUTTE Pastie, Harvest Turkey Croissant; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Meatball Soup
  • Friday, April 21st Baked Clams UPTOWN, Chicken Bistro Stir Fry; New England Clam Chowder, French Onion Soup

Week of April 24th ~ April 28th

  • Monday, April 24th Sweet and Sour Chicken, Tuna Melt; Chili with Cornbread, Zucchini Sausage Soup
  • Tuesday, April 25th Chicken Parmesan, Broadway Beef Sandwich; Beef Noodle Soup, Cauliflower Cheddar Soup
  • Wednesday, April 26th Chicken Farfalle, UPTOWN Club Sandwich; Cream of Zucchini, Turkey Tortilla Soup
  • Thursday, April 27th Turkey Dinner ($10.50), Beef Stroganoff; Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Ham and Potato Soup
  • Friday, April 28th Mexican Halibut, Italian Chicken Sandwich; New England Clam Chowder, Tuscan White Bean Soup
uptown at night
uptown at night

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