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The Main Stope Gallery has been in business in uptown Butte for over thirty years. This year the gallery is in the process of moving from its Montana Street location to a new space in the lower level of the Phoenix building on Park and Dakota.  The Main Stope is currently composed of 8 member artists who work in a variety of mediums.

Ray Campeau

Born and raised in Butte, Ray is a well known Montana artist and art educator, he has inspired many students to successful art careers of their own. Ray paints primarily in watercolor,  capturing the beautiful landscapes of his native Montana and places he has visited throughout the world.

Toni Seccomb

Toni focuses on sculpture and painting to express her creativity, whether humorous, political, abstract or realistic. Growing up in rural Wisconsin with an auto junkyard as a playground influenced her medium choice of found metal.  A belief in recycling has led to including the use of discarded plastic.  Uptown Butte and surrounding environment are the inspiration for her watercolor paintings.

Karen Hueftle

Karen is a painter who frequently combines collage with her works in watercolor.  Her watercolors are inspired by the sites near her home in southwest Montana. When working in collage she sometimes uses encaustic medium to give the  pieces a different finish.  Karen’s collages are thought provoking designs that often have a historical context.

Bernie Connor

Bernie explores the beauty of the Rocky Mountain West with his camera.  A self taught photographer, it brings him joy to share the pictures he takes of the wild and plant life near his new home, the unique scenes of Butte, and the landscapes of Montana. Bernie’s photographs are printed on a number of different surfaces, from canvas to wood to metal,  and each one captures that perfect moment.

Laurel Egan

Laurel is a Butte native who finds her inspiration in the ever changing seasons and landscapes of Montana. She works in a variety of media including oils, mixed water-media and pastels.  Although she considers herself a painter first she has enjoyed expanding into the mediums of enameled jewelry, fiber arts and reimagined furniture.

Gregg Edelen

Gregg  is both a ceramic artist and a ceramics instructor. He produces a variety of work from tiny “Worry Stones” to colorful mugs, bowls and plates.  Gregg’s wheel thrown and hand built art pieces include  large platters and ceramic wall hangings, many of them fish themed, all of them beautifully glazed.

Jodi Gear

Jodi  paints in oil and watercolor, specializing in landscapes and portraits, with a particular fondness for horses.  She has recently been exploring the creation and application of handmade watercolors and inks from foraged pigments in the region. Some of these incredible pigments can be found in her paintings. She also works with clay and has a number of hand thrown ceramic inkwells on display in the gallery.

Dave Johnson

Dave is the Main Stope’s newest member.  Longtime Butte resident and retired high school English teacher, Dave is a mixed media painter, a poet, and a woodworker.  He builds the frames for his colorful abstracted landscapes as well as for his organic wooden sculptures. He often writes a poem to accompany each work.


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