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Main Stope Gallery

The Main Stope Gallery has been established as a business in uptown Butte for over thirty years although the location has changed. Now in its current spot at 8 S. Montana St. the gallery is a collection of member artists. At this time there are nine members of the Main Stope.


Ray Campeau is a well known Montana artist who also taught art in public schools and other settings, inspiring students to further endeavors and successful art careers of their own. Ray paints  primarily in watercolor and his subjects are generally the landscape of his native Montana and sites he has visited throughout the world.


Lauretta Bonfiglio was born in Butte but she pursued higher education in California which later led to being a successful mural painter in Mexico and the U.S. She later moved with her family to Annapolis, Maryland where she had a number of shows as well as a teaching career. Following her retirement and return to Butte she continued painting as well as working in wood sculpture and clay work. 


Toni Seccomb works in watercolor where her subjects range from still-lives to land- and cityscapes from her uptown Butte neighborhood as well as sites from her travels. Toni also works in sculpture where her media range from discarded plastic to metal sculpture. 


Karen Hueftle is a painter but in recent years has started also working in collage and sometimes combining the two media. Her watercolors are often sites that she passes near her home or in S.W. Montana travels. When working in collage she often uses encaustic which give her collage pieces a different finish. Her collages are thought provoking designs which are often given a historical context.


Bernie Connor is a photographer and he captures scenes of animal and plant life in the Rocky Mountain West. The viewer will get a strong sense of the moment in Bernie’s work. He is able to get the certain expression from an animal or just the way the light is at different times during the day.


Laurel Egan is a painter although she is now also producing enameled jewelry, scarves and sometimes re-imagined furniture. Her paintings are mostly landscape scenes along with horses and close-up floral images. She works in watercolor and acrylic.


Greg Edelen is a ceramicist producing a variety of work from small pieces which he calls “worry stones” to mugs, plates & pots and ceramic pieces for hanging of which currently are mostly fish themed.


Jodi Gear is a painter in addition to working with clay. Her paintings are mostly scenes of near and far places where she has spent time; some contain human images. As a painter she uses watercolor, oil and acrylic. Jodi also works with clay, creating small ink wells and bowls specially designed for holding painters to dip into and use to rest brushes.

Jeanette Barnes is a painter working with watercolor, gouache and ink. Her subjects range from portraits to landscapes. In some of her work she brings in the calligraphic arts and uses words and lettering.   


The gallery is open at 8 S. Montana St. Tues.—Fri. from 10 am to 5 pm and Sat. from 10 am to 2 pm. Major credit cards are accepted and layaway plans can be arranged.

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